>a silver haired teenager walks out of the shadows, pinning you down with his malevolent glare.

"and who should you be...?"

>the first thing you are drawn to are those dangerously golden eyes-

"ah well, i'll tolerate your presence...

-for now."

[[Independent RP blog for shadow protagonist.]]
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[better call u-haul because i'm moving to a new url!]

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[it's going to have a shiny new plasma screen tv and everything]

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[woaaah i'm moving!]

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I suppose I’ll be the one to make this announcement, seeing as my mun is currently trying to recover from finals and her trip back home.


As this is a side blog, it is neither able to follow back nor send asks, a limitation which my mun finds “horribly restricting” for its function as a roleplay blog. Thus, she will be transferring to a new blog here. Those who wish to do so should follow the new site; the old one will remain here but will no longer be updated.

She would also like to thank all of her current followers for “putting up with my panda coffee,” whatever that means, and she looks forward to all new and continuing roleplays.


Looks like he still hasn’t gotten over it

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That wasn’t so bad, was it?


Hmph. I suppose, considering what you could have done to me instead.


So does this mean you’ll be more cooperative when I’m trying to reply?


Of course not.




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30 Days of Character Development: Day 30

And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself

To my very depressing and angsty S!Souji muse,

I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever put you through (and, looking at some of the ideas floating around in my mind now, what I will put you through). I think you came out of my desire to roleplay a Shadow, but in a way that wouldn’t be quite like what most people think of when Shadows come to mind. Shadows are manipulative, exaggerated, borderline insane — but they can also be so much more than that. They may be a part of someone else’s mind, but that should never stop them from expressing their own opinions, having their own emotions - in a sense, being a someone separate from their host.

I wanted to write for a Shadow that wasn’t just a Shadow anymore — someone tired of being misunderstood and branded when he thinks he’s doing the right thing. I think there’s this subtle idea that the hosts are always the victims of their Shadows; but of course the world isn’t purely black and white, so why should this dynamic be any different? You may be the one haunting your host now, but I wanted to give you those psychological reasons, both conscious and unconscious, for acting the way you do. I don’t think it’s just enough to say "You’re his Shadow, he fears X and Y, so that’s why you act like this." Even though that’s a really big part of who you are, it’s just too one-dimensional for a character who is a person like anyone else.

You’re going to change, of course (I still can’t get a hold of you sometimes!), and no matter how much I try to think my way through your character you’re always going to end up developing in ways that I would never expect. But that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? Well, maybe not fun for you, but I promise you that life will always get better.

So here’s my fourth-wall breaking piece of advice: I know you don’t like opening yourself up to others, but I know that someday you’ll find the friend you were always wishing for; they’re closer than you might think.

Your forever derpy writer,

Your mun

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you make my heart bleed

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